Hungry? Order Food From Favourite Restaurants Near You

Place Order

A register into food app, search your favorite restaurant and place your portion of food whenever you want.

Prepares a meal

The restaurant receives a food order request they have the option to accept or request and prepare a meal.

Receive Order

A driver can place a portion of the meal at your doorstep & you can give feedback based on services.

Download GoGo Food App

As a customer, you can download the gogofood customer app to get your favorite or healthy meal whenever and wherever you want at your location in Helsinki. You can register into apps with social media account or with your personal information.

After successfully login, you can search meals by name or customize restaurants with filters with timing, rating, pricing, etc. You can see a list of food restaurants with info like name, offer details, rating, etc.

After selecting a restaurant, you can see the food list, select food with toppings, and place your orders. Also, you get a discount on the total amount of cost. To pay for a portion of your food, you have secure payment options and track your order with advanced GPS integration to the app.

Become a Partner

Download the gogofood store app and expand your restaurant business with online platforms. You can sign up for the app with information like name, email, and contact details.

You can add your restaurant details like restaurant name, product details, timing, delivery radius, estimated delivery time, packaging charges, food details, promo code, from the restaurant admin panel.

After the admin approves your restaurant request, you will get the food order request. You manage customer requests with the accept or decline option. Also, you can promote your restaurant business within the app.

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